The Hop and Mae Adams Foundation is proud to support a wide variety of important causes in and around Carson City. Here are some of the questions we ask as we consider a donation or partnership:

  • How does it engage existing efforts and resources?
  • Does it create sustainable training, employment or career opportunities?
  • How does it enhance, improve and promote community spirit and pride?
  • Does it benefit the youth of Carson City by providing educational opportunity?
  • Does it improve the economy by encouraging new businesses to start or relocate here or existing businesses to expand?
  • Does it make Carson City a more dynamic, inviting place for seniors, families and individuals?

If the organization meets those criteria, the Foundation begins a dialogue to determine the best way we can help. Make no mistake – we are not interested in piecemeal solutions. We are looking for programs interested in making a real difference, and with the capacity to accept large donations and immediately put the money to good use.

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