Building Incubator Name Selected

The Hop and Mae Adams Foundation has named Ray Davy the contest winner for the “new” name of the “old” Stewart Title Building located at 111 W. Proctor Street. The Foundation purchased 111 W. Proctor St. building in Fall of 2012 to establish a business incubator for promoting new business and business expansion opportunities in Carson City. The foundation wanted to let the community come up with and decide on the name for the business incubator.  The public was encouraged to submit business incubator names. The names were reviewed by a group of Carson City community leaders, including Mayor Crowell, who determined the top five semi-finalists.  The five semi-finalists entries were taken to the public for a vote.  The winning entry was from Ray Davy of Carson City:

The Hub (an Adams Business Development Center)

Mr. Davy is a long time Carson City resident and was excited to learn that his name was selected for the project.  Mr. Davy claimed his cash prize and a new iPad for his efforts.  Each of the semi-finalists received an iPad.

Mr. Davy stated, “I am very excited to have participated in this event, and I am receiving this at the perfect time.”

The public showed much interest in the project, and the Foundation received hundreds of incubator name entries.  Additionally, the community was encouraged to “Vote” on the look of the proposed renovations and over 74% of voters “Liked” the proposed exterior modifications.  The modifications are scheduled to commence early 2013.